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Winter in Paphos | Cyprus

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean weather zone, and so Paphos benefits from short mild winters and long dry & warm summers. Cyprus is famed for its sunshine, receiving on average more than 300 days of it each year - nearly
double the amount of sunshine than received in most counrties in Europe. If you're looking for sunshine and all year round warmth, Paphos is the place to be. Extremes of temperatures are rare, meaning Paphos has something
to offer every month of the year, whether it's swimming as late as November. Summer stretches from May to October

During summer moths Paphos weather is very hot, always carry water and some other refreshments with you. A hat
and sunglasses are very useful in the summer sun. If you are going down to beach, always use sunscreen
and try to stay in the shade when you are not in the water. Do not walk for long in the sun. Always wear a light shirt to
keep your skin from the hot sun. No doubt you will enjoy the sunbathed beach of Paphos in the summer sun.
The start of June is usually the beginning of real Summer in Paphos. Rain is very unlikely from June until September

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By mid-June people in Paphos reluctantly switch the air conditioning on in the middle of the day, and sometimes overnight too, although it's not as humid as later in the summer. Daytime temperatures tend to range from
about 25-32C. July is propably the best month from the point of view of the weather in Paphos. Humidity is vey high, sunshine is almost constant, and temperatures range from about 30-38C during the daytime, 23-30C over
the night. By August temperatures in Paphos / Cyprus are about the same as in July, but the humidity begins to drop

weather paphos
Weather observed in Paphos , Cyprus

September and October Paphos still sunny and the water warm enough for comfortable swimming. Basically, it's
still summer. Temperatures are generally about 24-30C in the daytime, but the humidity has usually gone,
making the weather in Paphos feel more pleasant. There's always the possibility of rain in September but not usually
very much. October is usually still fairly warm, similar to April, ideal time for tourists on holiday in Paphos.
November usually starts pleasantly, then temperatures suddenly drop around the end of the first or second week ..

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